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18 NOV 2020 - 16 JAN 2021

UNITED Pro Series 2020 CS:GO


FAQ is a new tournament series for the GSA region, starting with the UNITED Pro Series in CS:GO that includes tons of Best of 3’s, many offline match days and a play-in system that gives any team the chance to qualify for the Showdown and the UPS Winter Finals 2020. During the UPS Winter 2020 a prize money of more than 50.000 € will be awarded to the teams and a large part of the matches will be played live on site at the UPS Studio in Hamburg.

Yes, you can! There will be four Open Online Qualifiers where you and your team can qualify for the UPS Showdown. All further information about registration and participation will be available in the coming weeks.

Yes, there is! Under this FAQ you can find the UPS Rulebook and the UPS Playbook. Just download them. There you will find all necessary information.

Yes of course! We will use FACE IT for the Open Online Qualifiers and will use the FACE IT Anti-Cheat-System for all Online Matches.

On three weekends we will first play the UPS Group Stage offline in the UPS Studio. In addition, the Showdown Playoffs and also the UPS Winter Finals 2020 will be played live on site in Hamburg. You can find more detailed information in the UPS Playbook.

Unfortunately not. The safety of the participating teams and of the spectators and fans is our highest priority. Therefore we unfortunately have to do without live spectators for the UPS Winter 2020. However, we will do everything in our power to send the concentrated action directly to your home!