6 OCT, 2020

Make some Noise for the Sissi State Punks

Make some Noise for the Sissi State Punks

With the Sissi State Punks we not only see a top team coming towards us. In tow they have a whole movement rolling towards Hamburg and the UNITED Pro Series.

About the Sissi State Punks

The Sissi State Punks have been making noise since their foundation. As a young team from Austria they could already assert themselves in different formats. They want to conquer the Esports stage. We are curious to see how they will perform among the top teams in the GSA region. CS:GO is the centerpiece of the Sissi State Punks. They also compete in Rainbow Six, Super Smash Bros. and Tekken 7.

The first team from Austria will complete the first four participants of the UNITED Pro Series.

Stay tuned for the next announcements!