11 JAN, 2021

"The passion for casting has never been gone"

"The passion for casting has never been gone"

Timo "der_metzger" Mezger is a professional CS:GO caster. Since 2016, it is impossible to imagine the scene without him. Even though it looked like he had end his casting career, he is now back at the caster desk and an integral part of the UNITED Pro Series cast.

Since when have you been casting?

Since the beginning of 2016 - and that came unplanned through a colleague who asked me if I would like to stream his game in the evening.

Which reasons led to your comeback?

The passion for casting has never been gone. Because of my employer I have a great studio in my office, so I can deliver casting in this quality again.

Which role does the UNITED Pro Series play in your career?

A pretty big role. Up to now I've been on small events and the UNITED Pro Series takes it to a new experience level.

How do you become a caster for CS:GO?

There are different ways. For me it was by chance, but other CS:GO enthusiasts want to expand their CS:GO knowledge. If you can imagine it, just do it. Everyone starts small and at some point you have reached the appropriate quality.

What makes you different from other CS:GO casters?

To compare yourself to other casters is difficult. I would say that my cast style could be described as follows: Professionalism, Emotion, Quality.

How do you stand to the German CS:GO scene?

Mixed. There is generally little change in the top and below that there is some potential, but it doesn't seem to be developed properly. In addition, the German CS:GO scene is repeatedly set back by unprofessionalism.

What is different for you here at the UNITED Pro Series? And what is new?

Generally, I'm used to casting alone. Always having a caster at my side was new, especially in the first days. In addition, the fact that there is an incredibly great and capable production is a strong enrichment that I can focus completely on the game itself.

How did you experience the atmosphere behind the camera?

Unique. The whole team is great. From the location to every single team member. Bonus points for the smooth flow around it and meeting old faces again.

What do you expect from the UNITED Pro Series Winter Finals 2020?

Hopefully exciting, close matches. Especially when it's crunch-time you wish as a caster that the teams will do their best to give us - and especially the spectators - the best possible content.

Which teams do you see in front?

Hard to say. Since the whole thing will unfortunately still take place online, surprises are likely to happen. Sprout and aTTaX are the clear favorites.

Which teams surprised positively or negatively?

Neither. It's just wonderful to see beautiful CS, no matter how it ends up. Only "Chihiros peeK" in the Open Qualifier I would not have predicted.

What was your highlight so far?

Definitely the incredible stage and #FCKVTG action. :D

How is it harmonizing with the other casters?

So far easygoing and really good. Even better than expected, since I had neither casted with Gotti nor Horstor before. Nearly perfect except for some minor coordination during the match, who takes over again and when.

Does the UNITED Pro Series meet your expectations?

Actually the UNITED Pro Series exceeds my expectations. I never expected such a stage, nor such a great team in the background. It's just fantastic when everything harmonizes and there are no big obstacles that can't be overcome within a very short time.

What is next for the Metzger after the UNITED Pro Series?

That's a good question... The truth is, I don't know yet. Nothing is planned yet and I always let everything come to me. Of course I would be happy if we find a common ground again. :)