18 DEC, 2020

"Users will find a radically new platform at it-jobs.de"

"Users will find a radically new platform at it-jobs.de"

The it-jobs.de team answers the most important questions about their job platform:

Why did you as a company decide to support Esports?

Corona has added fuel to the entire gaming scene. According to the press, PS4 game sales almost doubled during the Corona pandemic. That made us curious. Esports has arrived in the middle of society with its acceptance and has high development potential. As in any sport, people want to compete in Esports. People simply want to know how the pros play, just as they enjoy watching a ski race or a soccer match. This opens up completely new communication channels for us as a sponsor to exchange information with potential job seekers, especially in the IT sector.

What opportunities and potential do you see in national esports?

If we look to Asia, we can guess where it could go. Here, Esports will be a permanent part of the Asian Games from 2022. According to statista, there are around 34 million gamers in Germany (as of April 2020). The age groups between 20 and 59 are relatively evenly distributed. The Esports Bund Deutschland e. V. estimates the competitive and top athletes to be in the mid three-digit range. The integration into the European Championships 2022 in Munich is currently being hotly discussed. For us, this is a sign of the country's strong digital development and only the beginning on the way to becoming a popular sport.

Why do you see the UNITED Pro Series as the ideal partner for your entry into esports?

We want to break new ground in addressing applicants in the IT sector and open up fresh channels, which is why we launched it-jobs.de. The UNITED Pro Series is a very young league, fresh and dynamic, and has advised us very well here. We see great potential in the league and want to grow together. It's a match.

What sets you apart from other job portals?

it-jobs.de is a specialized web portal for all those who "always wanted to do something without people". Users will find a radically new platform at it-jobs.de. The "Matching Machine" is the heart of it-jobs.de. It works on the basis of self-learning algorithms. With every search performed, the system learns. The more job seekers use the site, the better the match between input and relevance of the jobs gets.

What do you recommend to young IT professionals when looking for a job?

IT is a very heterogeneous field with an infinite variety of skills. Our tip is to be clear early on about where my strengths lie and where my weaknesses are. In which direction do I want to develop. Precisely because the choice here is so great, we have built a platform with it-jobs.de that can provide assistance. Simply browse through and see which jobs are offered to me when I adapt skills. What opportunities arise with the learning of new skills.