26 OCT, 2020

UPS Open Online Qualifier

The UPS Open Online Qualifiers are open!

Take your chance! The four UNITED Pro Series Open Online Qualifiers are open. Compete against many teams hungry for success and earn your personal ticket to the Showdown. It's only up to you to show your talent and get on the big stage of the UPS. The winner of each Open Online Qualifier will enter the Showdown Group Stage with 1.250 €.

The registrations are already in full swing. As soon as you have passed the Qualifier, you will meet the top teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Showdown Group Phase. Stand your ground there as well and fight for your share of the prize money of 35.000 € in the UPS Winter Finals.

The spots are limited. Per qualifier 64 teams can play.

First come first served. Sign up now: bit.ly/34sjBBu