7 OCT, 2020

We welcome the Unicorns of Love!

We welcome the Unicorns of Love!

The Unicorns of Love will play their home game in Hamburg. We are happy to announce that the local heroes will be competing in the UNITED Pro Series. This will be the shortest journey of all teams to our studio to compete for the prize money of 50.000 €.


The Unicorns carry love in their name – yet they know no mercy in their matches. Their talent is undisputed. The Unicorns of Love are a team worldwide known and respected. In addition to CS:GO, the Hamburg-based team also draws attention in League of Legends, Clash of Clans and PUBG Mobile. We are curious to see if the Unicorns will present themselves as contenders for victory in the UNITED Pro Series.

With the Unicorns of Love, the fifth of 19 participants has been announced.

Stay tuned, it will continue the same way!